Still tweeting after all this time?


Since I last updated this blog, I had grown grudgingly fond of Twitter. I didn’t love it in the way I love Facebook. It’s not, in my experience, a lovable place. But it’s good for blowing one’s own trumpet on a professional level and for squabbling with theists, racists, homomisiacs, Brexit supporters, and other bigots on a personal one. Facebook, though, remains my happy place – it’s where my friends hang out and I feel at home; Twitter is where I go when I want to let off steam or am feeling pugnacious.

And what with Brexit, and what’s been going on in Catalonia, and Trump’s increasing madness, I’ve been wanting to do those things quite a bit of late.

Recently, though, Twitter has been pissing me off. Just when I’d become a regular denizen of its precincts, it’s decided to let me down. It’s only allowing me to see the last tweet in a thread, which makes coherent arguments impossible. This is frustrating because some of said arguments were simmering nicely but had yet to come to a rolling boil. And tweeting to @TwitterSupport about it gets absolutely zero response.

Other people seem to be having this problem too. It’s not that Twitter has singled me out or anything. The difference is that no one else seems to mind. They seem to think it’s just one of those things that happens with Twitter. And maybe it is; but I do mind. I’ve been told that the solution is to set up an alternative account, which just seems to me to highlight the superficiality of Twitter and ephemeral nature of any human contact one might assume had been made there. Am I expected to go through all the followers of my old account and say ‘Hi, I used to be so-and-so but now I’m such-and-such – please follow me’ and spend hours myself refollowing all the accounts I subscribed to in my first incarnation? Probably not; probably they and I were just ships that passed in the night: connexions, followers, and arguments all lost to the vagaries of a glitchy thread that Twitter can’t be bothered to fix.

Oh well. At least I tried.


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