A lot of hot air?


In British English, ‘trump’ means ‘fart’ — an explosion of hot air that leaves a bad smell behind it…

I once had a cleaner who, although a lovely person, was not the most intelligent of individuals (but, wow! could she clean!). One day she asked me if my husband and I ever had rows. I said not often but, like any couple, we sometimes had our disagreements. She said ‘And do you shout a lot?’ I said ‘Oh, no. No, we never shout.’

She looked at me in puzzlement before asking, ‘So how do you know who’s won?’

All the sane, sensible people and all the sane, sensible media reflecting the views of the sane, sensible people know Hillary won the debate on Monday. But there are others who don’t listen to what’s actually being said and, like my former cleaner, think the victor is simply the one who shouts the longest and the loudest… Oh dear.


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