Grr… people!

People are annoying me. They aren’t doing it on purpose: many of them don’t know I exist, but they’re still annoying me.

“I’m totally in favour of gay marriage because everyone should have the same rights and opportunities — unless they’re immigrants or refugees and then they should be deported immediately, yea, even unto the third generation.”

“I’m totally in favour of allowing immigrants and refugees to come here because everyone should have the right to freedom, safety, and security — except for transgender people who should be made to use the public toilet where they’ll most likely be sexually abused or pepper sprayed.”

“Britain should definitely leave the EU because we didn’t fight two World Wars to be told what to do by Brussels — but we’ll still expect the same trade deals and health and other benefits membership bestows on us because… um… we’ll sulk if we don’t get them.”

“I have no problem with transgender people being accepted as however they identify because they didn’t choose to be born the wrong gender — but being gay is a lifestyle choice and an abomination in the sight of God.”

“Did you see that documentary on telly last night about that rich bloke who spent all that money on [so-and-so]? Disgusting I call it when people like me have to take out a loan even to afford a 50″ television and can’t even buy designer shoes without maxing out my credit cards. These rich people have no thought for how the working classes have to suffer.”

“Immigrants come here and live on benefits and scrounge off the state. If it wasn’t for them taking our jobs, my son/husband/mother/sister/partner/best friend wouldn’t be unemployed right now. S/he was offered a job but it was minimum wage so s/he turned it down and some fucking Paki got it instead.”

“What does he know about [whatever]? He’s just a posh bastard who went to Eton and and studied the subject at Oxford. The man down the pub says [something different] and I believe him — he heard it from his brother-in-law *and* it was reported in the Sun.”

I much prefer people who’re prejudiced against everything. Either they really are, or — for whatever reason — they’ve chosen to come across that way; but at least you know where you stand with them and your own choices are clear: have nothing to do with them; try and educate them; roll your eyes and accept them for what they are. What really saddens me is when I think I’m speaking to someone open-minded and liberal and then they turn out to have one, very specific, unshakeable prejudice. They’re fine with a, b, and c — but mention d to them and all hell breaks loose.

Me, I like everyone (unless they’re a knobhead or a fuckwit — and being a knobhead or a fuckwit has absolutely no relation to their ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender, overall political stance, wealth, class, or anything else).


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