Just say ‘yes’

Earlier, following a link from an article on Maria Sharapova, I was reading one of these “12 Celebrities who prove that it’s a bad idea to do drugs” articles. Typically, I’d never heard of half of the celebs featured, but two stuck out: Kate Moss and Keith Richards.

Kate, apparently, is earning less than half what she was making 15 years ago. Yeah, that’ll be down to drugs and have nothing to do with the limited shelf-life of any and every supermodel. The fact that she’s still pulling in several million a year would seem to suggest that drugs haven’t done her career too much harm.

The other was Keith Richards. Yes, Keith Richards! Puh-lease! He’s 72, probably the coolest man in rock since the demise of the incomparable Lemmy, worth £250 million, has spent the last 55 years doing something he loves, gets to be Johnny Depp’s dad in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, and he’s supposed to be an example of why we shouldn’t do drugs?!?

Yup, the article’s convinced me… anyone got any Class As they don’t want?


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